About Us


Our History 

        Bellville Free Will Baptist Church came about because of a vision Brother Bruce Copley, Brother Aaron Boggs, and Brother Delmos Boggs had many years ago.  The Bellville Church held the first service in a little store front on Labor Day weekend 1998 with an amazing record attendance.  Starting with ten members, Bellville began as an Independent Free Will Baptist Church but later became a member of the Northern Ohio Conference.  Quickly, the store front church was being outgrown by the congregation which faithfully attended.  A search for a building or a vacant church began but one could not be found.  The church began to pray seeking God to provide an answer.   As we read in Psalm 46:10; “Be still and know that I am God”.  So we waited upon God to send an answer and continued to pray fervently.  The answer came and right on time!  A man had begun attending the Bellville Church named Brother Larry Littleton.  God gave him and his wife a burden to help the church.  The church purchased two acres of land off of Brother Larry Littleton on Honey Creek Road and broke ground for the building.  The Bellville Church might not had made it without the dedication of the members, other churches, and their knowledgeable congregations.  Many worked and sacrificed to get the building built and built quickly.  We moved into the basement of the new church and had services for over a year in the basement. Many souls were saved.  God blessed us to finish the upstairs sanctuary in December 2004.  He provided the materials and the labor to get it accomplished.    

  The founding Pastor was Brother Bruce Copley. In addition, Brother Aaron Boggs was the founding Assistant Pastor and Brother Delmos Boggs the founding Deacon. Through hard work and many sacrifices, God blessed and gave His increase. In 2012, Brother Bruce approached the church that his time in Bellville had come to an end. They served the members and congregation of Bellville Free Will Baptist Church for fourteen years.

In 2012, the church began a search for a new pastor to serve the congregation of Bellville Free Will Baptist.  After much time and prayer, God again sent an answer.  Brother Paul Staton, once the Assistant Pastor at Bellville would step into the lead as Pastor.  Brother Paul had originally begun in the store front and God lead him to Pastor the Marion First Free Will Baptist Church.  Brother Paul and his wife Heather and family were coming home to Bellville.  He began as Pastor in November 2012.  

The Bellville church has come a long way from the start with ten members.  When the church began, there was no music ministry because we had no musicians.  God began to work and today we are blessed with an abundance of musicians and about five piano players.  The Bellville Free Will Baptist Church continues to grow by God’s grace and He continues to add to the church such as should be saved. In August 2015, the Bellville church returned back to the Independent Free Will Baptist Church it began as.   

We strive to be a refuge for all that step foot in the Bellville church. God is blessing the Bellville Free Will Baptist Church. In the Bellville Church you will find the Gospel being preached, the love of God shared, and fellowship with saints.

It is a fact that a Church Alive is Worth the Drive!